It’s Time to Start Thinking About CDW19


It’s time to start thinking about CDW19

May is around the corner

CDW the UK’s biggest annual celebration of our Furniture & Interiors sector

Once again CFAS are proud to be media sponsors of Clerkenwell Design Week – 10years old this year and wow, how it has developed.

Invitation only showrooms open their doors to the trade and public, pop up exhibition venues are all over the area, demonstrations, exhibitions, seminars, debates and entertainment is everywhere.

Remember to include CFAS in your marketing strategy to draw attention to your brand and products: Journal – Social Media – Website – Product Directory – Brochure downloads – Banners

Whether you are exhibiting at CDW, visiting or not taking part this year – this is the largest gathering within the UK of manufacturers, dealers, support services, potential specifiers and prospective customers – all in one place for 3 days!


The CFAS mini journal (our Clerkenwell Special) released 13th May hits a week before the big event, a pre-read enticing its audience about events and new product launches


Then during CDW the CFAS Clerkenwell Special is available in the Press Office and some showrooms for event attendees to pick up and read about our sector

Last submission date is 18th April

Contact OFAS for your media pack – 

** Get your brand in the forefront of potential customers and specifiers **

*** Not attending, don’t miss out on the potential audience, promote your brand **

Minimalist Desk in a Warm Smoked Oak Finish


The already successful range of Industrial furniture from Teknik Office is now available in a warm smoked oak finish, which blends beautifully with the light industrial feel of the range. The core piece is the minimalist desk, which is complimented by matching bookcases, side table and coffee table.


Whitemeadow Achieve ‘Certified Company’ Status Under FIRA Upholstery Compliance Scheme


Upholstery manufacturers, Whitemeadow, are the latest organisation to achieve ‘Certified Company’ status as part of the Furniture Industry Research Association’s ‘Compliance Scheme for the Fire Performance of Upholstered Furniture’.

The Compliance Scheme, which includes upholstery manufacturers, retailers and suppliers, was created by the Furniture Industry Research Association in response to a series of high profile media and enforcement investigation, including to a BBC Fake Britain programme entitled ‘Furniture Inferno’ which aired in 2014. This programme looked at the dangers of non-compliant furniture.

The Compliance Scheme was then developed, with industry feedback, to support those from across the upholstery industry in ensuring they have relevant processes and procedures in place to demonstrate due diligence in complying with the requirements of the Furniture & Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (FFFSR). Due to this, all Certified Companies are subject to an initial in-depth audit, which is then repeated annually to ensure compliance remains high.


Speaking on their new Certified Company status, Andy Pinder, Head of Quality, at Whitemeadow, said “As a key supplier to many of the UK’s largest Blue Chip multi-store and premium Independent retailers it’s important for us to not only offer great design and craftsmanship, but to back this up with the highest compliance and due diligence standards. That’s why as an organisation we decided to work towards becoming a Certified Company of the FIRA ‘Compliance Scheme for the Fire Performance of Upholstered Furniture’.

“The scheme is not only integral for the upholstery sector, but also for retailers and ultimately end customers, who rely on manufacturers such as Whitemeadow to ensure that industry standards remain high. Having this new Certified Status sends a strong message that we have procedures in place throughout our manufacturing process, from start to finish, to maintain compliance with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations.”

As a Certified Company of the Compliance Scheme, Whitemeadow will also benefit from Assured Advice from Hertfordshire Trading Standards. Advice will respected by other regulatory enforcement bodies, helping to prevent inconsistent interpretations of the FFFSR.

Full details on the Furniture Industry Research Association’s Compliance Scheme for the Fire Performance of Upholstered Furniture are available from

Wiggle It, Waggle It, Just Don’t Sit On It

Capsule On Desk Power Module with Type A and C Adaptive Fast Charger

Capsule is CMD’s the new on desk power module that features a dual port Type A and C adaptive fast charger with LED indicators.  Available in black and white, Capsule has 2x UK sockets with individual switches and resettable 3A thermal cut-outs. For more information please visit


+44 (0)1709 385460

International Women’s Day 2019

IWD 2019 Flagship Event partnerships open
Expressions of interest are invited from formal entities worldwide to partner on IWD 2019 Flagship Events. See an example of an IWD 2019 Flagship Event here.


Equal rights for both men and women. What a fantastic job you are all doing!

Solutions 4 Office Rebrands!

The Solutions 4 Office team recently launched a brand new website including an ecommerce shop. It’s still business as usual though, with an exciting variety of office space planning projects on the go.

They continue to help schools & colleges with noise reducing acoustic products, to create perfect learning environments for all. Their surveys confirm the level of sound absorption needed and their quick lead times help deliver fast acoustic solutions.

Enquire at (their sister company)

or call 0207 309 2909.

Have You a Messy Desk?

Two thirds of UK workers irritated by co-worker’s messy desks, despite less than half tidying their own workstations daily.

As ‘Tidying Up’ star Marie Kondo’s decluttering crusade on Netflix continues to inspire the nation at home, when it comes to organisation at work, it seems the UK isn’t quite as organised, according to research released today.

The study, which looked into organisational habits at work, found that almost two thirds (59%) of those surveyed said they regularly procrastinate over organisational tasks, with less than half of UK office workers (45%) tidying their desk daily. Ironically, 63% admitted they get annoyed when nearby colleagues’ desks are messy.
Despite these recent revelations, nearly all (94%) respondents said that being more organised in the office makes them more productive, with 61% who claimed it also makes them a better worker.
The study of 1,250 office workers, conducted by Bankers Box by Fellowes, also revealed that one in ten people admitted to keeping documents for up to two years on their desks.
Fellowes UK & Ireland Sales and Marketing Director, Darryl Brunt, comments:

“Our study shows how offices across the country are crying out for better organisation, as years of paperwork and records pile up, making it difficult to focus and find important information.”

He added:

“What’s worrying is that although people are aware their productivity is being affected, many office workers still aren’t regularly organising their workspace, which our research shows is to the detriment of productivity and success.”

Following the study, Bankers Box by Fellowes took a leaf from Marie Kondo’s book and developed a five-step guide to decluttering and organising things at work.

Here are five ways to do a Marie Kondo job on your office.

  1. Sort through your papers: Put all the loose papers you have together on your desk, then take just fifteen minutes to sort through each one, deciding if it’s active, semi-active, archivable or disposable. Everything semi-active or not needed to hand can be archived and should be stored in your storage system. Anything you don’t need should be disposed of correctly, making sure to shred anything confidential.
  2. Find storage that works: Start organising your workspace by investing in a good storage system. As you clear your desk, knowing where your documents are will help you save time searching for them in the future and boost your productivity. Bankers Box by Fellowes keeps documents organised and secure without taking up too much space.
  3. Create a Records Management System: This can be used for any files you have on your desk that you use on a more regular basis. By sorting into a clear system, papers can be located easily, and you can free up desk space (and feel better for it!). Decide between storage units, transfer files and storage boxes, depending on how much space you have and how often you need access.
    Organise office objects: After your paper documents are sorted, move on to miscellaneous and sentimental items. Firstly, any office equipment you use daily should be kept somewhere the whole office has easy access to. Other office equipment can be stored elsewhere to free up desk space and allow more space for any sentimental items like photos you want to keep, without feeling too cluttered.
  4. Stick to your new rules: Once you’ve put all this time into organising your desk, make sure you don’t return to old habits. By dedicating just five minutes at the end of your day, you can keep your systems working and keep your documents in order. It’s also worth planning when the next tidy session should be, to ensure you stay on top of all documents and everything is stored correctly.
  5. A good filing and storage system enables you to be more productive and organised– whatever kind of business you work for. Not only will it help you keep your desk clear and tidy, but you’ll also find it much easier to locate important information quickly.


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